FalsePattern - An Introduction

Who am I?

A short heads up: I don't use public social media because I feel like it's a waste of time, so if you see my username on some sort of stuff like twitter and whatnot, it's probably just a coincidence, or someone impersonating me.
I am only reachable through GitHub, E-Mail, and Discord, the usernames of which should be very easy to guess.
My E-Mail address is not published on this website to avoid mail scraper bots, but you can just import my pgp key into your keychain and look at my identity.
Now, with that out of the way...

I'm a mostly solo developer mainly focused on creating mods and addons for games/programs in Java. Most of my work is publicly released on GitHub under a libre license, so feel free to poke around.


I use NixOS for all of my systems, because it's the most reliable distribution I've ever used, and the statelessness of the config means that recovering is relatively easy as long as the git repo is still saved somewhere, even from a full system failure.
If you want access to my dotfiles, and you've already met me before, contact me using an encrypted email message, and include proof that I know who you are. I won't give access to people I don't know.

This Website

I purposefully designed this website so that it requires zero JavaScript to work properly, and all pages are fully W3C compliant, so they should render properly even in the most obscure browsers as long as they are relatively up-to-date (sorry IE8 users).
Currently, this website is running on a bare-bones Apache httpd webserver, with most of the structure autogenerated using php functions, and minimal inline HTML. If you look at the page source, it's a bit messy, but I can assure you, it's extremely straightforward to work with in the backend.
Just like with my dotfiles, you may contact me to get access to the source code.


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